Studio Policy  



• Minimum age is 3 years old.


• Must have a desire to learn piano.


• Must have time to practice at least 15         minutes a day for 5 days.




• Students need a keyboard with full-sized keys or a well-tuned piano.


• Students should have a metronome.


• Older students should own a pocket music dictionary.





Yamaha Music School  Students:


• Private lessons: $105.00 per month (one 30-minute lesson each week)


• Group lessons: $375.00 per student (one 45 minute lesson per week for 12 weeks.) Minimum of four students in a class.


In Home Students


Private Lessons 

  $100.00 per month for four 30 min lessons.

  $150.00 per month for four 45 min lessons.

  $200.00 per month for four 60 min lessons.


The Future Sounds Good


After less than a year of piano lessons, preschoolers tested in spatial temporal and proportional math tested higher than students who received no musical instruction.” Keeping Mozart in Mind, Academic press by    Gordon L.Shaw


Teens who study piano will gain a lot of benefits; some of which include: learning time management and organization skills, improved self esteem, and improved social skills.


Adults who learn piano find it helpful relieve the stress in their lives.

Founder’s Notes 


I can teach anyone willing to learn the art of piano playing.

  Joshua Miller  

I would love to hear from you!

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