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  About the Instructor    

  Joshua Miller  

About the Instructor


Joshua is a 21st-century piano pedagogue (teacher) with a strong emphasis on mindfulness. He cultivates and customizes an inclusive music curriculum that teaches: piano performance, music theory, music history, music composition to a diverse group of students that range in age and learning styles. Joshua creates a safe space where his students can grow musically and enjoy the process of music-making. He believes in learning to play and playing to learn experience. 


Joshua was awarded the Connie Murray scholarship and the Garrett Brown Piano Pedagogy Endowment during his Master's program for his creative, adaptive graduate teaching methods at West Chester University.


Josh's students have won both performance and composing competitions from the Virginia Beach Public schools and Norfolk Public schools, performed in nationally syndicated radio programs, and placed in various state competitions. 


When Joshua is not teaching piano, he performs collaboratively with other artists or solo in the Hampton Roads area.



Master in Music - Piano Pedagogy - West Chester University

Bachelors in Music- Piano- Norfolk State University



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