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 Student  Opportunities     

My Studnets get many opportunities to shie!

Students of the Josh Piano Studio have an opportunity to participate in the following events:


Student Recitals

My Students have four built in piano recitals a year, plus extra ones giving them a chance to demonstrate what they have learned. The Recitals are loads of fun and pressure free! They are great confidence builders. 

Levels of Progress

The Levels of Progress is not a competitive event, but an opportunity for all students - regardless of age, ability or length of study-to gain the experience of perfecting two pieces to perform for an outside examiner. Levels of Progress includes Primer Level through Level 12.  Students are judged on a standard of excellence and not against each other. Each student receives a certificate as an award for his/her effort and achievement.

VMTA Skills Test

The Virginia Music Teachers Association Skills Test  emphasizes technical development. These tests cover primer through level twelve of scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios to be performed in front of a judge. All students who pass or score higher will receive a certificate of participation, with ribbons given for superior, excellent and very good.


VMTA Theory Test

 The Virginia Music Teachers Association Theory Tests  are based on twelve musical levels of study and not on school grades. Students may enter the program at any level. An oral test may be given to first grade students; all other grades will take a written test. There are certificates of participation for all students passing the test. Additional seals and ribbons are given for superior, excellent and very good and seals for good.


Honors Auditions and Recitals

The Honors Recitals are for students who maintain a high standard of performance in the studio and who have the desire to compete. Honors Recitals Auditions are for students in levels 4 through 12 of piano and piano ensemble.  A certificate is awarded to each student who performs in the Honors Recitals

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